Monday, October 12, 2009

Mom’s plants in Malaysia

I was going through my old sketchbooks and am really pleased to find some old watercolour pieces of my Mom’s plants. Today, I’d share you with a few photos of Mom’s plants in Malaysia, plus a few pages from my old sketchbook.

Ginger flower © Evelyn Howard 2009

This is a photo of Mom’s Ginger flower. The stunning red flowers grow at the end of stalks. Each flower is about a foot long. The plant itself is rather large; hers is about 5 feet tall. With about 10 or more flowers constantly blooming, this plant tends to become the centre of attention of the garden.

Palm © Evelyn Howard 2009 Palm © Evelyn Howard 2009

Mom has a few varieties of palm. I am not sure what this one is; it grows rather tall, and has to be cut back constantly.

Watercolour paintings from 2002

Here’s another palm variety from Mom’s garden – drawn in pencil (below). I never got round to painting it. I am not sure what the painted plants are in the foreground.


Mom also loves bougainvilleas; hers usually have lots of flowers… but I have picked the one that has no flowers to paint!



Urban Green said...

Pretty ginger plant!
Ever since I have come across this beautiful plant on blogs, I've been looking for it here. Yet to find one though. Do post more about your mum's garden.
Evelyn, what more do I stay about your art? they're so lovely.

yoon see said...

Evelyn, are you from Malaysia too?
Do you miss Malysia?

Evelyn Howard said...

Thank you both :)

@ Yoon See: I grew up in Malaysia. Now I visit every year - Mom and all my siblings are there. And yes, I do miss Malaysia :).

Diane AZ said...

Such beautiful plants in Malaysia. I love your watercolor of the bougainvillea, to me it looks light and refreshing without flowers.

yoon see said...

OK. Hope you are fine in Australia.
When you come back to Malaysia, we can catch up if you are less busy!

Evelyn Howard said...

@ Yoon See: Would be fantastic to be able to catch up!

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