Monday, October 12, 2009

Cactus Monday – Ice Plant and some Zentangle fun

We had lovely weather during the weekend, and I went for a walk with my camera. I found some lovely Ice plant (Delosperma) growing happily along the beach.

Delosperma or Ice Plant © Evelyn Howard 2009

Ice plant ground cover in the foreground

Delosperma or Ice Plant © Evelyn Howard 2009

A close-up of the ground cover

Delosperma or Ice Plant © Evelyn Howard 2009

In this photo, the plants are growing up a wall!

Delosperma or Ice Plant © Evelyn Howard 2009

I love the flower – it is so perfect!

My Zentangle pieces

I have had so much fun with these abstract pieces, based on…

  • Top:  Rhoeo/”Moses in the Cradle”
  • Bottom: Crassula socialis

 Rhoeo/”Moses in the Cradle” zentangle © Evelyn Howard 2009

Crassula socialis zentangle © Evelyn Howard 2009

Happy Cactus Monday, and have a fantastic week.

Please visit Teri’s Painted Daisies for more Cactus Monday links.


PAK ART said...

The ice plant is beautiful - I like how it climbs the wall. Most zentangles I've seen are in B & W - adding color is really nice! Makes me want to go out and try it myself!


Margaret Ann said...

I love ice introduction to them was along a coastline in Monterrey California years ago...Great photos...and I love your happy little drawings filled with zentangle love! HCM fellow cactuteer! :)

Teri C said...

Beautiful plants and flowers! Love those colors. And, GREAT zentangles!!


messyfish said...

Happy Cactus Monday! we did the same plant!! But I thought it was called 'pigface". Ice pkant is a much better name though... Have a great week. xxx

marianne said...

Lovely works of art! and love those iceflowers, they were one of my favorites when I was a kid!

Julie said...

Oh WOWWWWW! I love your art here!!! How ultra groovy and awesome! You know, I completely forgot about Cactus Monday today! Good grief!

Urban Green said...

WOW! I loved the abstract pieces, especially the first one.
I really like the ice plant, and the research I did long back said they are available in many colors. I didn't know they grow up a wall!!

Judy Butler said...

Lovely post with photos and drawings. HCM. Judy

Arasu said...

The Zentangles with it's designs and form looks nice.I like the colors.The glowing Ice plant flowers are beautiful.The name is interesting.

yoon see said...

Thanks for your sharing and the shots are great. It's great to stroll down the street to discover some great scenes!
And you have spotted them again.
Candidly beautiful and inviting!
I love the 3rd sjot a lot.
Your Zentangle pieces looked semi abstract to me.
Love the minimal colour introduced here.
And also infuse with smart graphical touch!

Great! Great! Great!
You are not just creative but productive.
Way to go Evelyn!

Tootsie said...

I love the photos of the plants!!! I am wondering if you know a lot about Jade mine going to die once it finishes blooming???? It all of a sudden got some blooms on it...(no thanks to me I'm sure) and it has never done that before! I know some plants die after they I am a little curious!

Evelyn Howard said...

Thank you all for your comments and for visiting.

@Tootsue: Thanks to you I've been doing some reading on the jade plant, learning something new every day :)

The plant certainly thrives on neglect. I don't think your plant will die after blooming. Wiki has a great article:

Good luck with your plant, enjoy the blooms :)

Diane AZ said...

This is a beautiful post, I love all of the ice plant pictures and your art pieces. The colors and patterns in the Zentangles are marvelous!

Anonymous said...

Nice shot of the ice plant. I love the flowers, so I don't understand why I don't plant this plant in my garden.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment.

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