Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Autumn colours

Autumn colours © Evelyn Howard 2010

Thank you so much for visiting and leaving comments while I was down and out. I am well rested now, and happy again :).

My husband and I decided to get away from the city for a change of scenery last weekend. We went to Daylesford, which is 90 minutes drive from Melbourne. The above photo was taken at the Convent Gallery in Daylesford – I love the autumn colours.

Autumn colours © Evelyn Howard 2010

Here is another photo but taken from inside the building. Who wants walls and paintings when the garden is so full of happy colours!


Julie said...

So happy to hear you are feeling better now and happy in your fall colors over there!!! These kind of walls are what we need in our houses (provided we have our beautiful gardens outside)!!! Glad you got to take a trip and get some fresh air in a new place!!! Stay well.

Diane AZ said...

Welcome back! The sculpture and autumn colors are delightful. :)

danger garden said...

Wow here I am in the middle of a beautiful spring and you are in fall. I forget this is the way the world works. Glad you got out and about, it's good for the soul to do that every once and awhile!

Noelle said...

I am glad you are well again. It is such a treat to see beautiful autumn colors while it is spring here :-)

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