Monday, January 11, 2010

Succulents in red

Happy Cactus Monday. I hope you enjoy my RED photos today.

kalanchoe blossfeldiana flower © Evelyn Howard 2010

My kalanchoe blossfeldiana bloom

Ice Plant © Evelyn Howard 2010

I am guessing that this is ice plant. It forms a gorgeous red groundcover along the beach

Red succulent flower © Evelyn Howard 2010

Cotyledon orbiculata red blooms from the neighbourhood. I love them – fantastic blooms and grey leaves.

… and red art pieces

Girl with flower drawing © Evelyn Howard 2010

Girl with flower drawing © Evelyn Howard 2010

A couple of pieces completed at the end of last year…

cactus_sjimmie Have a great week.

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Autumn Belle said...

I just love this shade of red kalanchoe flowers. Mine are dark red. The flowers are very so tiny and they are very difficult to get a clear picture using my point and shoot camera. Even using super macro, I still can't get a clear picture. What camera are you using?

By the way, I love all the sketches here. They are great!

Evelyn Howard said...

Autumn Belle: Thanks :). Mine is Nikon Coolpix P90. It's got 24x zoom which really helps.

deepazartz said...

hey Ev, great to be bac...misd u too...lots of hugs to make it up:)

These are really gorgeous red flowers...sorry, I can't help u ther with the name:(

Your sketches are superb! The texture looks really great. What do you use?

Happy Week to you too:)

Evelyn Howard said...

Thanks. Watercolour and pen - the texture is mainly from the paper, I think. Top one is acrylics paper and bottom one watercolour paper.

See you around!

soulbrush said...

what beauties, i am moaning cos 'senta' does nothing, just stands and look at me, tall and proud,guess she misses the hot desert sun. sigh....hcm fellow cactuteer.

Debra Kay said...

Lovely succulents-red flowers are my favorite.

deepazartz said...

Nice papers for texture...
I just love the girl meditating:)

Julie said...

Your bloom looks like an echeveria bloom (without actually seeing the plant). They are so sweet!

Love that red ice plant...amazing they grow at the beach!!! I had never seen one till visiting California...they are everywhere there...just lovely!

Your paintings are so modern and fresh! I also love how you do them with the lines and color!

You go girl!!!!!
xoxo- Julie

Teri C said...

Oh my, these are so beautiful! Red is such a great color to play with.
Love your ladies also. The top one must be in Hawai'i with her hair flower.


studio lolo said...

We have the same camera ;)

That's definately ice plant. I lived in Monterey for 16 years and it's everywhere. Sadly, the town sprays it to kill it because it's not a native plant. The deer depend on it as a water source but despite our protests they spray away:(
The funny thing is all the nurserys sell it and residents plant their it spreads anyway!! ha ha!

Nice sketches too :)

Margaret Ann said...

I love the way you combine photos and artwork in your poast...A beautiful those flowers! :) HCM! :)

Diane AZ said...

Really pretty succulents and I like the hair dos in the art pieces.

marianne said...

Wonderful pictures! and fun art!

Denise said...

I have enjoyed looking at all your great shots Evelyn. Thank you for sharing them with Today's Flowers.

yoon see said...

Gorgeous shots and illo, Happy Cactus Monday!

kostas said...

I love blue but red is a very active color!Put a little red and you may change your selfconfidence!
Wonderful blog.
Regards from Thessaloniki.

Noelle said...

Hi Evelyn,

I love the color red in the garden and on succulents it is even better!

Darla said...

Very nice photos!

Bonnie said...

Wonderful post! Love those flowers!

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