Thursday, October 1, 2009

Seeing RED – my vertical garden (Part 2)

Read Seeing RED – my vertical garden (Part 1)

Vertical garden © Evelyn Howard 2009

Further to my previous post, here are more details on how the fittings work in my version of vertical garden (above).

Vertical garden © Evelyn Howard 2009

The 105 brackets on the board are spaced 2 ins/5cm apart. They are screwed into the board using self tapping screws.

Vertical garden © Evelyn Howard 2009

2 brackets are fixed onto the sides of the food can, also 2 ins/5cm apart(I think 2 is better than 1 in this case, as the can will be more secure). With brackets the same distance apart, the can can be fixed or moved to any part of the board.

Vertical garden © Evelyn Howard 2009

A photo of the inside of the pot, with holes made at the bottom for water to flow out. I have used rather long screws, but you may want to use shorter ones that will not get in the way.

Some of my design considerations are aesthetic. For example, I have used 105 brackets on the board (LOL because I’m obsessive, and I like the look of them all lined up on the board) but fewer brackets will still be effective. My brackets are also 2 ins/5cm apart horizontally, but you may want to vary this based on the size of your pots.

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Julie said...

Oh, that was good to see!!! I am thinking I may be able to drill a board like this into a section of my screenroom...the only trouble is I would need it to face outward towards the sun, and my room may be too deep! Will have to spend some time thinking about it!!! This was a really neat project!

Urban Green said...

Super! Thank you very much, Evelyn. You are amazing!
*Urban Green bows*
You've given me so many ideas on variations I could try with a vertical garden. Thanks again.

Unknown said...

@Julie and UG: Have fun!

yoon see said...

To my surprise, this is very wonderfully done. Packed of artistic value and quality.
You should submit this for competition:)
I love your passion in gardening and design where these two merge into one.
Keep it up, I am very proud of you:)

Unknown said...

@Yoon See, Thank you for your kind remarks *I'm beaming*

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