Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Seeing RED - my vertical garden (Part 1)

I’ve been busy lately working on a solution for more planting space. Since I already have got a number of pots on the balcony, I wanted to use the wall, and made my version of a vertical garden. But I’ve been seeing (still am) a lot of

R E D .

That much red was not planned for. It was an accident really. I bought a small tin of red enamel paint, and had accidentally poured the entire tin onto my wood. I thought that it would be ok, since it was a small tin. That was when I found out that this small tin was not really so small after all. So I had all this lovely gooey thick shiny but very very very red layer on my piece of wood. I contemplated throwing it away, and starting again. But in the end, I decided to stick with it and make it work, so here it is!


I have used a number of food cans, lots of fittings (metal brackets, screws, etc.) and a piece of pine wood, plus (obviously) lots of RED paint.

The concept for this vertical garden is similar to that of my earlier blog post. But instead of using “S” hooks as suggested in the previous post, I have opted for fittings for the pots that are more suited to my windy balcony.

There are 105 brackets (thank God for my good friend, the mighty electric drill) spaced 2 inches/5 cm apart on the wood. They give me the flexibility to move the cans around or to add more cans when required.


I’d love for the pots to be full of lush, green leaves spilling over the edge of the pots (which also translates to: More green = Less red).

At the moment, I have got another 5 cans/pots in my studio and I haven’t got enough plants. That is good news, because I will have to go shopping for some succulent plants soon (hurrah!).

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Urban Green said...

Wow!! It's a brilliant idea. I've been thinking about setting up a vertical garden and this is a perfect fit for my space strapped garden. *Urban Green is delighted*

How do these fittings work versus S-hooks? A close shot might help.
Good luck with your succulent buy!! Hope to see more pictures soon :)

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I like your red board. It puts some color against the white building. It will be fun to watch the plants grow.

Julie said...

This is the ultimate!!! I love all the RED! I like your bracket idea to secure with the wind! You are genius!!! Have fun shopping for your new cute plants!!!

Evelyn Howard said...

Thanks everyone.
@UG : a new post with close-ups on the fittings just for you... hope it helps.

marianne said...

Great idea!!!

Anonymous said...

This is fantastic. I have been collecting our metal coffee cans for quite sometime, have a large collection, and intending (but not doing) to make something out of them. You have inpired me to take action. Matti

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