Tuesday, October 6, 2009

New jelly bean plant and decorated pot

Sedum rubrotinctum pink, © Evelyn Howard, 2009
Close-up of Sedum rubrotinctum pink, in it’s new pot

This is the latest addition to my succulent collection – another jelly bean plant. I have a few of these which are growing beautifully, but I could not resist another, especially since it’s pinkish green…

Sedum rubrotinctum pink, © Evelyn Howard, 2009

Re-potting Tricks?

The jelly bean plant is so sensitive to touch. I had to re-pot it, since it came in an unattractive turquoise pot. No matter how careful I was, I ended up losing a few precious leaves. Are there any tricks I can learn to avoid this?

Decorated Pot

Yes, another one. This red pot (a freebie) came with another new plant. I added a handle using a few strips of bamboo, and secured them with matching red jewellery wire. The design on the body of the pot is based on a page from an old sketchbook (I usually do that when I run out of ideas). It’s an abstract sketch of plant pods found (usually) out in the Australian country…


Julie said...

I am detecting a bit of a love for RED here! LOLOL! I love that! Your sketch/art on the pot is so cool! Love how you made that handle! The jelly plant is so fragile...I have the same problem! It is all so lovely!!!

Urban Green said...

To Jelly bean,
You are gorgeous and in this bright red pot, you look prettier. Your master knows how to heighten your beauty. How I wish you could be mine! Are you ready to be shipped?

To the Jelly bean master,
You have done a great job again. What colors do you use to paint these pots? Are they synthetic oil based ones?
I don't have tricks that could help you, I suffer from the same problem as yours. Jamie (garden amateur) in your side of the world seems to be a pro at handling succulents...

Check out his post:

*Urban Green bows*

Evelyn Howard said...

@Julie: Thanks and yes, I'm loving red!

@UG: Thanks, and thanks for the link - I will check out Jamie's blog. Re paint - I use Sharpie, which is a permanent marker. They come in lots of colours, even pastels - they are great to play with.

marianne said...

Lovely pot!
I have no tips for you......
I am allways early with my CM post and go to bed when the cactuteers oin the North Atlantic side post.
So now (in the morning with coffee) I visit the ones I have missed!
I am off now to see your other posts and blog

Have a nice day!!!

Gaelyn said...

Very cool plant and what a great and appropriate name, jelly bean. Love what you did to the pot. Nice to have that bright red color to accent the plant. Having only black thumbs, I have no advice about repotting anything.
Thanks for stopping by my blog.

yoon see said...

Wow! I love to see your special design for pots.
Yes, they look great duet together, the plant and the pot. He..He..

Blue Fox said...

Hi Evelyn, that is a problem with some Sedum, they do drop leaves. However, that just makes it easier to grow more plants. I just put them at the base of the parent plant, and once they root, they can either contribute to the clump, or be repotted to grow seperately. Love your crafts - I'm very inspired by your wreath!

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