Monday, August 17, 2009

These succulent plants seem happy being indoors

Sedum Gold Mound, © Evelyn Howard, 2009

Sedum Gold Mound, © Evelyn Howard, 2009

Crassula Dianne, © Evelyn Howard, 2009

I bought the Sedum gold mound (first 2 pictures above) and Crassula dianne (above) a few weeks ago and they have lived indoors since. They have grown substantially in a matter of weeks, and the Sedum is flowering beautifully.

According to their tags which accompanied the newly purchased plants, they require full sun but I’m glad they like being indoors. I read that where there is sufficient natural light to read, then it is probably bright enough for a succulent plant to live.

Please click on this link for more details:

What is your experience? Test it out and you might be pleasantly surprised at the number of plants which are happy to live in your house.

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