Friday, January 6, 2012

A few more photos from a Malaysian garden



White flowers

Smells nice

Growing in Gel

Growing in gel

Birds of Paradise

Birds of paradise

Green foliage

Green foliage


Nice smelling



Green foliage




Do you know this plant? This is Pandan, which is widely used in Malaysian/Asian cooking. It has a nice aroma, and is many types of food including desserts and curries. The juice is often squeezed from the leaves, to be used as food colouring.



Happy Weekend


Anthony said...

Great photos.

Julie said...

Never heard of a Pandan...will have to look it up! Malaysia looks quite it zone 10???

Melanie said...

Great photos ! I used to live in Kuantan. Wish I was there now instead of Northern BC hating this weird, unusual, too warm winter. :)

Candy "Sweetstuff" said...

Great photos as usual sweetie! Growing in gel. Very interesting!

Gardens at Waters East said...

Always enjoy my visits to your Blog. Nice photos. Would like living there instead of here in the Winter! Jack

Lidia said...

maravillosas fotos, las que tienen gotas de agua son especiales y bellas

te invito a visitar mi blog que también soy una apasionada de las suculentas y cactus


Anne said...

Lovely!! I'm looking forward to my garden waking up. Right now it's snowy!

yoon see said...

Are you still in Malaysia Evelyn?
Take care and love these homey plants and blossoms!

abbott.simth said...

How nice and more interesting garden shared we can be go to in that place and do enjoy it in this garden. Lovely and enjoyable garden shared.

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Drewtoby said...

Great photos! I am the owner of and love jades (I have a triple trunk one in a 4" pot in my room), and would love to see it flower like your succulents!

Camellia Jhonson said...

Absolutely lovable collection, never seen such a amazing and wonderful photos, the pics are really marvelous.
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Anonymous said...

Hi and I soooo enjoyed thlovely photos of Malaysia. I was just there a few weeks ago and you might enjoy thE floralsin my video post of KL. Amazing flowers there! Also I share an enjoyment of succulents! Thanks for sharing!

Marva said...

oh the twisted photo is so cool! Would you mind if I sketch from your photos, just for personal use?

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