Sunday, December 19, 2010

Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney (1)

I took these photos when I was in Sydney a few days ago. The Royal Botanic Garden is a big place, and I have only managed to see a small section…

White Magnolia © Evelyn Howard 2010 

Lovely white magnolia

White flowers © Evelyn Howard 2010

White flowers © Evelyn Howard 2010

I am not sure what these are…

Feernery © Evelyn Howard 2010

The Fernery

Water fountain © Evelyn Howard 2010


Lovely fountain where I stopped to have a drink (In case you are wondering, that’s not me!)

Royal Botanic Garden

Hope you enjoyed these.

I will post photos from the succulent section next.

Update: Go to Part 2


Cynthia Schelzig,Cynnie said...

Fabulous fotos Evelyn...all these wonderful flower and beautiful greens....refreshing as I sit here looking out my window at around a foot and one-half of snow:) I guess that is what happens in the Alps at this time of year isn´t it:) On your sidebar,,,love your watercolors displayed there....I had to smile when I saw the back alley of trash,,,fabulous and I love how you did washes of color over your self portrait.

Evelyn said...

Hi Cynnie, Thanks for visiting. Please stay warm :). The smiley face? That's my friend :). Have a lovely week, Ev

Mandy said...

These are so nice and green! I'm lookin forward to the succulent ones!

Julie said...

Gorgeous magnolia!!!

Candy "Sweetstuff" said...

What a beautiful place. Super place to bring a picnic lunch!

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