Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Succulent and subtle variations of green, plus lots of textures

Happy Cactus Monday, and I hope you had a nice weekend.

I have been thinking a lot about adding colours to my garden, but I do love my green succulent leaves; with their interesting colour variations and textures.

Succulent © Evelyn Howard 2009
I love them – sweet little leaves spilling over the side of the pot.

Succulent © Evelyn Howard 2009
This bluish jelly bean plant is one of my favourite. They seem to propagate rather easily.

Succulent © Evelyn Howard 2009
A present from my husband a few years ago :)

Succulent © Evelyn Howard 2009
The leaves look like flowers

Succulent © Evelyn Howard 2009
Little fluffy looking leaves

Succulent © Evelyn Howard 2009
Another favourite of mine – dots look like stitching around the leaves!

Succulent © Evelyn Howard 2009
I must admit that the jade plant doesn’t get me excited, but it grows easily and now I even have cuttings for my friends.

Colourful images

… not of plants, but drawings inspired by succulent plants.

Succulent drawing © Evelyn Howard 2009

Succulent drawing © Evelyn Howard 2009

Succulent drawing © Evelyn Howard 2009

Have a lovely week.

Please visit Teri’s Painted Daisies for more Cactus Monday posts.


Teri C said...

There really is an amazing variety of greens in your garden.
I always love your sketches!



Google won't let me comment as TeriC

Julie said...

Evelyn---how beautiful. Do you know the name of the one that looks like stitching around the edges of the leaves??? WOW!!!

I love that last drawing of yours...very cool!!!

Evelyn Howard said...

Thank you :) both for your comments.

@Julie: The one with the "stitching" is Crassula Dianne.

Diane AZ said...

I like the "stitching" on the Crassula Dianne, and your paintings are beautiful and creative.

Carolyn Ford said...

These plants have such amazing detail...so similar but yet so different! Great captures of amazing plants.

Cher said...

both your photos and paintings are amazing! how sweet of your husband. :)

yoon see said...

Yes, these pictures and little sketches are feast to eyes.
Thanks, they are so gorgeous and have just stolen my heart away!

seungy said...

Love the plants, they seem so alien and colourful very nice!

Anonymous said...

Your Senecio rowleyanus (what an unfortunate name) drawings are fabulous! I love that fluffy succulent too!

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Shea Kang said...

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