Thursday, September 10, 2009

My first succulent topiary – Part 2: adding succulent plants

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Having completed my topiary form (which I wrote about in the previous post), it is now time to put it to the test and complete my succulent topiary.

I gathered the succulents that I will use. Using the stick end of a paint brush, I made holes in the moss, then insert the succulents. The completed topiary is shown below…

Succulent topiary, © Evelyn Howard, 2009

Close-up of succulent topiary, © Evelyn Howard, 2009

I will have to leave it in a horizontal position for a couple of weeks to allow the roots to grow in the moss.

Some pictures of my work-in-progress:

Making my topiary, © Evelyn Howard, 2009 Making my topiary (work-in-progress): top 2 photos: gathering plants from my garden and leaving the cuttings to dry out for a couple of days before planting;
bottom left: the back of my topiary form – showing the picture frame, wire mesh and sphagnum moss; and bottom right: making a mess planting the succulents!


Because the moss that the succulents are planted in does not provide the nutrients required, I asked a team member at Bunnings (a garden centre) for advice. He called a horticulturist friend, who recommended using Powerfeed concentrate by Seasol, diluted to 50% strength. Hope this works to keep them healthy.


Here is a great tutorial I found that also includes photos: Classic SoCal Succulent Wreath


Julie said...

What a beautiful succulent arrangemant!!! WOWZERS! I love the red frame too!!! I was so bad...I attended a succulent wreath making class with my SIL a few years back, but ended up taking it all apart to use all of the plants in other arrangements! My SIL still has hers in the same heart shaped frame! They are very pretty!


Evelyn Howard said...

Thanks Julie, the next challenge for me is to make sure the succulents live! :)

Julie said...

LOL! You will! No problem there!!! Good sunshine and dry soil and you are all set!!!

Julie said...

No problem there Evelyn! Good luck!

Judy Butler said...

Just wonderful. Judy

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