Monday, September 14, 2009

Cactus Monday – “Reminder”


My geranium has fungal disease. I had to keep reminding myself  to treat it when the busy weekend was over. I did not tie a string around my finger but I did remember. Today, I’ve finally removed the affected leaves and sprayed fungicide, so hopefully it will survive.

Have a happy week.


Julie said...

Oh hi Evelyn! Glad to see you on Mr. Linky!!! YEAHHH!!! This is awesome...for some reason I love drawings of fingers! It is a challenge to draw them well (for me anyway)!!! LOL.
Your comment on my last post was so neat! I love that story...I think things like that have to contribute GREATLY to someone growing up loving plants!!! How neat is that???
Have a wonderful Cactus Monday!!!!!
xoxo- Julie

Teri C said...

Welcome to Cactus Monday! And what a wonderful sketch to remember with!!! Love it.

Happy Cactus Monday or HCM as we like to say.

marianne said...

What a nice drawing of a reminder!
Happy Cactus Monday!

Lynn said...

Geraniums are such a hardy plant. I have had one in a big pot on my patio for years and years. Good luck with yours.
Welcome to Cactus Monday too! Your drawing is terrific btw.

studio lolo said...

terrific!! I love black and white drawings.
The colander idea below is wonderful too!

HCM, and welcome :)

yoon see said...

Hi Evelyn!
What a thoughtful illustration.
Hope all are in order yeah:)

Evelyn Howard said...

Thanks everyone for stopping by.
@ Lynn: my geranium seems to be doing fine.

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