Sunday, August 30, 2009

Initial wind-breaking effort

After the windy day last week when most of my larger plants were nearly uprooted, I started to consider different options to protect from the winds on the balcony. The strong winds not only cause the roots to break their bond with the soil, they also caused the precious leaves to fall. The result after the wind was not good – for the garden, as well as for the gardener, who was left feeling a little bit frustrated!

Some options presented during my research to help this balcony garden survive include:

  • using plants as wind-breakers,
  • erecting trellises, and
  • building fencing or screening

For the past week, I have moved some of the affected plants to a corner of the balcony. The walls (pictured below) provide the plants some shelter from the wind. It’s been a week and this solution seems to be working. However, this spot is under the open sky and the plants are subjected to rain. I have to refrain from watering these few pots and hope for the best.

Protection from the wind, © Evelyn Howard, 2009

I have also purchased a a storage box ((below), which serves as a wind-breaker as well as a seat. I have placed a few pots next to it. I can only say, so far so good – hopefully it gives enough protection.

Protection from the wind, , © Evelyn Howard, 2009


Julie said...

Hi wonderful to find artist and succulent lover!!! LOL! I am running out the door to work right now, but will be back to really have a look around. If you haven't joined Cactus Monday...please consider it. You can find the link on my sidebar! See you later today!!!

Evelyn Howard said...

I've just joined Cactus Monday!!

Julie said...

OK, Evelyn...I am waiting to see your Cactus Monday post...maybe this Monday coming up??? I will think of something good to post as well. Be sure to visit Teri @ Painted Daisies,...the originator of Cactus Monday,... on monday mornings, she generally does her Cactus Monday post, and places a "Mr. Linky" at bottom of post so we can add our names and blogs if we are participating...then we can all visit each other! She will also add your name to the list of sidebar names of "members"! Hope you enjoy it!

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